BlackBerry® in Finland, from Cubio

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BlackBerry® Z10

BlackBerry® Flow

A New faster way to use smartphone, where features and apps work together simultaneously. You can navigate between the apps easily and work more efficiently.

BlackBerry® Hub

Stay updated with a one swipe. Have a look for the incoming messages and latest conversations with a single glance.

BlackBerry® Keyboard

The new touchscreen BlackBerry® Keyboard typing is faster. It assists you in writing by proposing you the words with right spelling. BlackBerry@Keyboard is international and it supports three different languages at the same time.

Take a perfect pictures

Take a perfect shot with BlackBerry. Time Shift mode captures moments before and after the shoot. Combine the open eyes and smiles to ideal pictures.

BlackBerry® Balance

BlackBerry@Balance separates business from the private life. With two profiles your personal content and apps are separated from your business data and solutions. Switch between the profiles with one motion.

130 mm / 65.6 mm / 9 mm
Weight 137.5 g
Touchscreen 4,2”
1280 x 768 resolution, 356ppi
8 MP camera
HD video recording(1080p)
1.5 GHz prosessor
Near Field Communications

GPS and BlackBerry maps

Solid, seamless, considered

BlackBerry remains the first choice for people who need to get things done. Not an average smartphone, BlackBerry and all the included services are a carefully balanced whole - designed to let active people communicate more securely, work more fluently and be more organized.

Solid design. Light, firm, lasting

With a full touch screen and the iconic BlackBerry keyboard you can easily work your way around apps, emails, websites and messages. BlackBerry® smartphones are tough and resilient with an outstanding battery life, achieved through integrated service design. And by solid we don’t mean bulky. The new Blackberry phones are firm but light to hold.

Say goodbye to your bulky laptop, your Blackberry is all you need carry.

Seamless services. The Cubio plan

Simply put, our aim is to stay out of your way. Our job is done if you won’t even notice us in the background. Our service is flexible and tailored - suitable for individuals or a one man shop. For medium and bigger businesses we have solutions with comprehensive management tools and much more.

Please get in touch with our sales; we would love to tell you more.

Considered software. Just right

BlackBerry smartphones come with great software so you can get going right away. Out of the box you can start chatting, view and edit the usual office documents, browse the web, keep up to speed with social media feeds and much more. A key feature with BlackBerry is security, so peace of mind also comes as part of the package.

If you feel you need something more, you can download a wide range of applications, from games, maps and navigation software to translators and phrasebooks, and further tailor your BlackBerry solution to your needs.

With Apps

Your BlackBerry smartphone comes pre-installed with everything you need to get going right away. And the BlackBerry® Appworld™ features great apps to match all your needs.


Preinstalled apps and services

From productive to playful, discover a new world of pre-installed apps and services. So, right out of the box, you have the powerful features you need to get you from the coffee shop to that important meeting, and then back home for dinner.


BlackBerry Protect

Log in to the BlackBerry® Protect website to lock, locate or wipe your smartphone from wherever you are.

Documents To Go

Create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, and view PDF files anywhere, anytime with this free, mobile document suite.

Stay up to date

with your social networks and receive the latest news and information from your favourite blogs and websites.

BlackBerry App World™


Put more of your life on your BlackBerry smartphone with games, social networking, themes, productivity apps and more.

Business specific


SAP, CRM anyone? No matter what size business you run or what system you already have in place, you’ll find a compatible solution for your Blackberry.

Better messaging with BBM

You can use BlackBerry® Messenger to chat and share voice notes, pictures, videos, and other files with friends, co-workers or family members who have a BlackBerry smartphone.

Communicate in real time

Send and receive messages in seconds, see when your contacts are typing, and know when your messages are delivered and read. If someone doesn’t have a BlackBerry phone, you can still text them from within your BBM screen.

Build your network

Scan barcodes or swap PINs to add BBM friends quickly and easily. From there, you can create groups and message single or multiple contacts instantaneously.

Share more than words

With up to 2000 characters to share your thoughts, you can say it all without cutting it short. And when words aren’t enough, swap pictures, videos, voice notes and files up to 6 MB.

Make it your own

Personalise your BBM with a display picture, add a personal message and show what you’re listening to on your BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone

Security is key

The technology behind BlackBerry is designed from the ground up with security in mind,#and with the BlackBerry Protect app you have total control over your information.


Stay safe

BlackBerry Protect is an application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure. It can also offer peace of mind for small businesses and families, with the ability to protect multiple smartphones.

Back up

Your contacts, text messages, calendar and bookmarks can be backed up wirelessly. It’s done automatically, and as often as you choose (daily, weekly or monthly).

Protect your information

You’ve lost your smartphone. Why wonder who has access to your information? Simply log in to the BlackBerry Protect website and lock your device.

Pretty sure you’re not going to see it again? You can delete the information on your smartphone and microSD card from the BlackBerry Protect website too.

Find your phone

Maybe you’ve just misplaced your smartphone. Lock and display a message on your smartphone Home screen for whoever may find it. Then locate it on a map and go get it. Or if you think your smartphone is nearby, simply force it to ring at full volume.

Switch phones

Just bought a shiny new BlackBerry smartphone? BlackBerry Protect makes it easy to restore the device settings, contacts and calendar items you had backed up on your last one.

Secure communication for businesses

It’s distracting when you have to watch what you say. Blackberry offers businesses solutions with data encryption, so all you have to think about is the job at hand.

Take your pick

All fresh and handpicked to meet any variety of needs, please meet the devices. .

BlackBerry® Bold 9900 Smartphone

115 mm / 66 mm / 10.5 mm

Weight: 130 g
Touch screen display

2.8", 640 × 480px

5 MP camera

HD Video recording (720p)

QWERTY keyboard

1.2GHz processor

Near Field Communications

Integrated GPS

Includes BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry® Torch 9860 Smartphone

120 mm / 62 mm / 11.5 mm

Weight: 135 g

Touch screen display

3.7", 800 × 480px

5 MP camera

HD Video recording (720p)

1.2GHz processor

Integrated GPS

Includes BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry® Torch 9810 Smartphone

111 mm / 62 mm / 14.6 mm

Height when open: 147.6 mm

Weight: 161 g

Touch screen display

3.2", 640 × 480px

5 MP camera

HD Video recording (720p)

Slide-out QWERTY keyboard

Integrated GPS

Includes BlackBerry Maps

BlackBerry® Bold 9790 Smartphone

110 mm / 60 mm / 11.4 mm

Weight: 107 g

Touch screen display

2.45", 640 × 480px

5 MP camera

VGA video recording (640x480)

QWERTY keyboard

1GHz processor

Near Field Communications

Integrated GPS

Includes BlackBerry Maps

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