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Cubio Company pools

  • Call, text message and data pools
  • The same pool is used by your company's entire personnel, no subscription-specific packages
  • Simplifies cost budgeting
  • Comprehensive low-cost solution with no fixed-term contracts

Functional efficiency for your business

Our services are designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide you with a set of services that really match your business needs and work cost-efficiently in your everyday business environment. Cubio offers brand new services and then develops and tailors them to better meet your company’s needs.

To support your business, Cubio supplies you with packages (or so-called Pools) containing the agreed set of switchboard services, calls, and text messages, customized to fit your business needs. We also have the latest mobile and VoIP phones and, if needed, broadband connections to suit your purposes.

Let’s get together to innovate, improve efficiency, and enhance your operations. We believe this is a great basis for a partnership.

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