Very important notice for our customers!!!

Dear Cubio Mobile customers! Brothers and sisters!
As we have informed you earlier last week, Cubio Mobile has been negotiating until now with Elisa about transfer of our existing mobile subscriber contracts. Unfortunately Elisa set up  an unrealistic and non executable conditions to Cubio and decided to unilaterally terminate the service contract with us after 30/04/2014
Despite of Cubio Mobile proudly being an alternative mobile telephone network operator, we were always painfully dependant on Elisa, with all its tariffs, corporate bureaucracy and monopolistic philosophy. We just tried to make telephone service to be more affordable and less priced, but the result of the battle with a monopoly on its fully controlled realm was expected. Today we lost the battle. As , by the way, thousands of Cubio Mobile mobile subscribers did; subscribers  which have been staying with us for a long time...
We failed to persuade Elisa to transfer the existing contracts of our customers to Elisa to keep the existing tariff plans and to provide our customers with non-stop seamless service. Elisa was not ready to share a responsibility for the comfort of thousands of our mobile service users, while the existing telecom rules didn't let us protect their interests and rights... In practice it means that after 30/04/2014 our subscribers should change their network operator, because we cannot guarantee the quality of service after the date. We just hope that Elisa will continue to provide the services to Cubio Mobile after 30/04/2014 to let our customers to pick up a new mobile service operator in Finland, but nobody has a crystal ball to predict Elisa's actions after the date...
Thank you for being our customers for all these years!
Your Cubio Mobile